[Ep.29] Finishing Out The Year Strong

Episode 29 December 10, 2021 01:00:09
[Ep.29] Finishing Out The Year Strong
Call Center Confidence with Cutter & Catt
[Ep.29] Finishing Out The Year Strong

Dec 10 2021 | 01:00:09


Show Notes

Your team certainly wants to be paid at this point in the year, but do they still want to work as hard as they did before?

You should be finishing the year with confidence and momentum moving into the next because it's far more difficult to shake everyone up if everything is dying off.

In this episode, Oliver and Jason close the year with some helpful insights to be able to finish out the year strong.

Learn more about focusing on meeting your goals in a very busy season, and build that confidence within you.

Learn more about how to build your Call Center Confidence

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