[S2E01] Why Are Employees Harder To Manage?

Episode 1 February 10, 2022 00:23:01
[S2E01] Why Are Employees Harder To Manage?
Call Center Confidence with Cutter & Catt
[S2E01] Why Are Employees Harder To Manage?

Feb 10 2022 | 00:23:01


Show Notes

Why are employees today more difficult to manage? What are some of the contributing factors?

The most amazing technology, leads, sales process could mean nothing if you don't have the operations side worked out. It's coming from somewhere in the leadership side if you're having all these people issues.

In this episode, Oliver and Jason talk about managing employees. Specifically, why is it harder to do so these days.

Learn more about effectively managing people, and understanding the root of leadership challenges.

Learn more about how to build your Call Center Confidence

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